Stop! Minivan Time! (See? It doesn’t work)

Stop! Minivan Time! (See? It doesn’t work)

The time is coming, my friends: Minivan time. Which is nothing at all like Hammer Time and can’t be danced to – please don’t try.

I’ve written about it here before a few times but I’ve been able to successfully keep putting it off. But it’s getting more and more difficult to do so. When we have Ty’s kids, we have more children than we do seating in the Jeep. 5 passenger seating with 6 passengers, two of whom require clunky car seats = someone getting strapped to the roof. We’ve been able to put it off this long because of the fact that Ty’s pickup has room for 6 passengers, but it is so cramped that even after a 10 minute car ride, we all end up hating each other – more so than usual.

So my options are either a 7 passenger SUV or a minivan. Both are so stereotypically Suburban-Mom, it makes me want to gouge my eyeballs out. Nothing against anyone with a minivan or anything – most of them are really nice and they’re practical and spacious as all hell, I totally understand why anyone, even with 2 kids, has one – it just personally makes me feel… old… or something. Plus, for some reason, it’s really hard for me to part with the Jeep (and I really don’t like the 7 passenger Jeeps at all). It’s the first thing I actually bought all by myself, besides my guitars, and that I’ve had since before Ty and the kids. Memories and nostalgia and all that. I’m sure that it’s mostly just me not wanting to accept the fact that I really am a fucking grown up now. But, I mean, I’ve got to face reality at some point or another, right? And it’s better this than to start wearing light up holiday-themed sweatshirts, right? Right. Smack me for even putting a question mark after that last one.

But, you know, the thing is over 6 years old now and, eventually, driving around with a kid strapped to the roof is going to get me in some hot water. And so, the time is coming. I’m not saying it’s here yet. I’ve got to get myself used to it for a while (another 6 months maybe? a year? 5 years? Hell, if I wait another four years, the oldest will be in college and there will be no need for 6 passenger seating anymore. Hmmm….) . But it is coming.

If have or know of a vehicle with the seating I need that you think might change my mind, feel free to tell me.

A woman named Robin (holla!) emailed me this morning to ask how I like my Jeep. She just got one and said she’s having a hard time adjusting to the size, having driven smaller cars all her life. That’s not my problem at all. In fact, I hate getting in smaller cars now because I feel like I’m riding around in a dune buggy. That being said, if I were to purchase a vehicle right now without having to take the seating thing into consideration, it would be an orange, convertable MINI Cooper, for sure. (I know, Racheal, your retinas are burning out of your skull…)

Think if I write a letter, they’ll manufacture a 6 passenger Mini Cooper?