“Feeling lucky punk? Oh, good!” *

“Feeling lucky punk? Oh, good!” *

I received a bunch of emails yesterday from people asking me to recommend some music to them (new or old) so they can update their iPods. And so, since I suck at responding to emails, I’m going to post a few (and I stress a few, since posting everything I think you should own would make for the world’s longest entry ever) albums that I love. Most of you know I’m pretty biased to music of the punk persuasion, but I really don’t feel like you have to be into punk to appreciate any of them. And they’re not all punk, anyway. So, there. If you don’t already have these, trust me, you’re totally missing out.

1.) The Clash – London Calling: Viva La Clash. Like you didn’t see this one coming. The Clash has been called “The only band that mattered” and while even I think that might be a bit of a stretch, I am in full agreement that the Clash is one of the most important bands ever. In fact, I’m not just recommending London Calling. I’m recommending all their albums. Even Give ‘Em Enough Rope and Black Market Clash. So, there.

2.) Ramones – Ramones: Gabba Gabba Hey, motherfucker. No further explanation needed.

3.) Blondie – Parallel Lines: I heart Blondie. And this is a really, really good album. I hate, and I mean DESPISE, One Way Or Another and Call Me but I heart almost every other Blondie song. A little RSM trivia: Heart Of Glass is the ringtone on my cell, but only because they didn’t have Dreaming (Eat To The Beat album) or Denis (Plastic Letters album) available. And I sing Denis in the shower every single day..

4.) Sigur Ros – Untitled Album: INCREDIBLE fucking band. Untitled #8 (Popplagio) gives me chills every time I hear it.

5.) Pixies – Doolittle: It’s hard to pick an essential Pixies album. But if I have to? This is the one. Hey, Debaser, Monkey Gone To Heaven, La La Love You… seriously, there’s not a bad song on this album.

6.) Pink Floyd – Dark Side: I almost didn’t put this on here because I’m quite convinced there’s no one on earth that doesn’t NOT own this album. Right? … RIGHT?!?!!!

7.) Fleetwood Mac – Rumours: Okay, I take SO MUCH SHIT from almost everyone I know for this. But I DO NOT CARE! This is an incredible album and Stevie Nicks was so unmatched at the time of it’s release. Rhiannon? Gold Dust Woman? Are you kidding me?! Mic Fleetwood is such an intense drummer and Lindsey Buckingham HAS to be one of the single best finger pickers ever. Everything about this album rules. So shut up!

8.) Elvis Costello – My Aim Is True: You have to love Elvis. Just have to. Don’t argue.

9.) Metallica – Kill ‘Em All: Oh my God, tesco is gonna give me so much shit for this but, again, I DON’T CARE! THIS album is probably the single best metal album ever. Anything after Master Of Puppets is PURE SHIT, don’t even bother listening, or you’ll make Cliff Burton roll over in his grave. And you don’t fuck with Cliff Burton. (PS – Fuck you, Lars. YOU should have been the one that died, you big-mouthed pansy rich-bitch.)

10.) Sex Pistols – Nevermind The Bullocks: Duh. You can’t be into punk and not like this album; it’s just impossible.

Okay, that’s 10. And 10 is a good, even number, so I’m stopping there even though there are dozens more I want to add. Feel free to share whatever music you like that you think everyone else is missing out on if they don’t already own.

[Sidenote: I don’t consider these ‘favorites’, I consider them ‘essentials’. And yes, there is a huge difference. And they are my preference, and since I was asked my preference, I’m sharing. So save the unintelligible ‘you’re a white trash asshole fool for hating the stupid fucking Chili Peppers comments’ for someone who cares about the worthless CRAP you listen to… Now, go forth and seek good music.]

*Joe Strummer